Irish Travellers- Our Origins.

There have been many online conversations around Irish Traveller origins recently, we’d like to take this opportunity to offer some information to help set the record straight.

There is a common misconception that we are not a ‘true’ ethnic minority group, that we adopted the nomadic Gypsy way of life as a result of the famine, thankfully now this theory has been entirely debunked. Irish Traveller history, language and culture is soon to be taught in schools in the republic as a part of the national curriculum and Tome Anosha will be campaigning to have the same introduced to the north of Ireland.

In the meantime, for anyone with an interest in our history and culture, we would invite you to read our History of Travellers page on our website. We also highly recommend watching the following documentaries that involve the DNA testing studies that proved that we are as genetically distinct from the settled Irish population as they are from the Spanish, the documentaries trace our origins back thousands of years. Please all watch and share.


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Coppers and Brass, the Piping Tradition of the Irish Travellers

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